Information for Submitting

Display Graphics Artwork

File Formats Accepted:

Photoshop CC  •  Illustrator CC  •  InDesign CC

PDF (Hi-Res created at the proper size, including bleeds, and resolution for the display ordered)

Corel Files may be saved as .ai files.  Some Corel effects cause problems and may not print properly.  We do not officially support Corel.   Word and PowerPoint files are not acceptable for this type of work.


Art Details:

•  Art documents should be ready-to-print, sized to exactly fit the display ordered.  They can be full size,

    half scale or quarter scale.  A design within a letter size document is not considered to be

    ready-to-print unless your display is letter sized.  Contact us if you need help with the sizes.

•  When the design is complete,  convert all fonts to outlines to avoid font problems.

•  Any raster files (photos) should be 100-150 dpi at the output size  (original resolution - no interpolation)

•  RGB or CMYK files - no PMS Spot Colors.  Refer to the Pantone Color Bridge for information on how

    your colors may reproduce using a 4 color process.  Many Pantone Spot Colors do not reproduce

    accurately in a four color process.  Screened Spot Colors can cause unexpected results.

•  Raster Effects - make sure these are set to 72 or 150 dpi, not 300.  These have been known to cause

    unexpected results on occasion, particularly with InDesign.


Sending Files

PLEASE,  DO NOT E-Mail ART.   We may never receive the message and will not know that you have sent us the art.  Please use our upload page on this website.


You can send any size file from there, instructions are on the page.  If you are sending multiple files, PLEASE place them all in a folder,  ZIP that folder and upload the ZIP file.  Upload speeds are determined by your internet connection.  Most cable Internet services have much slower upload speeds than download speeds, so sending large files can take longer.   There is a progress bar that shows the status of your upload.  If the upload fails, that typically means your Internet connection was reset for some reason.



Once we have received your files we will inspect them to be sure they are sized correctly for the

product ordered and for any technical issues that may cause printing issues.   If we find any problems we will notify you before proceeding to the proofing stage.  We will then send a digital e-proof, usually within 24 hours of receiving your file.  Be sure your design has been checked over for any typos and/or mistakes before sending them to us.  Our proof process is not intended as a design proof, but rather that what we are seeing here after making your file ready-to-print is correct.  Quoted production times begin after proof approval.


Production Notes:

Banner stands   - The art should be the size of the visible area for the model being ordered plus 1-1/2” bleed at the bottom.

Multi-panel Displays: This art should be one file setup for the total size of your display plus bleeds of 1” at the top and bottom and 1/4” on the two sides.  We will take care of splitting the art into the separate panels.  Do not send individual files for each panel.  Contact us in advance if you have any questions about this.


Production times: (after proof approval)

Small quantities   -  Banner stands:  2-3 days  Larger displays:  4-5 days

Large quantities quoted per job